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Pioneer® brand alfalfa varieties are designed with top-quality forage in mind. Built with unrivaled agronomic packages to stand up against yield limiting pests and winter stress, the mix of traits delivers excellent forage yield and quality for your operation. Our current alfalfa lineup includes:

Seed - Pioneer - Alfalfa - 54Q29

54Q29 Alfalfa

  • Highly suitable for 4-6 cuts to achieve high quality hay or haylage
  • Very good winterhardiness and winter survival
  • Adapted to poorly-drained soils where root rots are a concern
  • Excellent disease resistance package with high level of resistance to multiple races of Aphanomyces root rot and maximum yield

Seed - Pioneer - Alfalfa - 55V50

55V50 Alfalfa

  • Exceptional forage yield
  • Outstanding field appearance
  • Manage similar to 55V48
  • Highly suitable to heavy soils where root rots are a concern