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Your Yield Matters to Us

With a team of experienced and passionate farmers, agronomists, and engineers, 360 Yield Center develops solutions to help you maximize yield efficiently.

In the past, a farm’s entire supply of nitrogen for a season was applied months before it would be used by the crop. A single heavy rain could wash out a significant portion of the nitrogen and devastate the farm’s crops. 360 Yield Center gives you more control with a harvest-to-pollination system that makes more nutrients available to the plants when they need it. The centerpiece of this strategy is the base-plus approach, and includes three parts; build, measure, and apply.

Choose from the following to learn about the 360 Yeild products we carry:

360 Y-Drop®

Equipment - 360 Yield - 360 Y-Drop

In today's tight market, managing input costs is critical. Nitrogen is typically the second most expensive input. Getting the most efficiency out of this investment is critical. Lowering nitrogen use efficiency from 1.0 to 0.7 can have a huge impact on profitability. 360 Y-DROP lets you wait for your final application so you can adjust rates to match the crop's needs. Wet. Dry. Ideal. You supply only what the plants need - protecting yield potential and reducing overall nitrogen costs.

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360 Y-Drop Side Dress®

Equipment - 360 Yield - 360 Y-Drop Side Dress

Upgrade your coulter applicator system with 360 Y-DROP Sidedress and place nitrogen right above the root zone, where light rainfall can move nitrogen into the soil for rapid uptake. Plus, 360 Y-DROP Sidedress eliminates the height limit of coulters, giving you up to three more collars of application window to help lower application risk.

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360 Soilscan™

Equipment - 360 Yield - 360 Soil Scan

Knowing how much nitrates are available in the soil is a mystery. Eliminate the guesswork with 360 SOILSCAN - a portable soil test system that gives you the ability to test N availability and soil pH with the accuracy of a traditional soil lab. Testing only takes about five minutes, and you can do it right in the field. 360 SOILSCAN combines your yield goal, crop growth stage and soil organic matter levels to build a customized nitrogen application that fits your crop's N needs.

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360 Yield Saver®

Equipment - 360 Yield - 360 Yield Saver

360 YIELD SAVERs reduce header loss with a combination of cushion and capture. Bristle blocks provide a softer landing for ears which means less shelling. Kernels that do come off the cob, are captured by long-lasting bristles and delivered to the cross auger.

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360 ChainRoll®

Equipment - 360 Yield - 360 Chain Roll

Fast residue breakdown boosts nutrient availability for next spring's crop. 360 CHAINROLL creates "chains" of seven-inch stalks - ideal for rapid breakdown. Plus, they're the perfect length for row cleaners to remove residue from the seed trench. Tests show a 2.5-bushel yield bump from better ear count and even germination compared to confetti-style chopping stalk rolls. It's a simple, profitable upgrade for Deere corn heads.

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